We love comics. Everyone should love comics. What better way to tell a story than words AND pictures? And it's so much cheaper than making a motion picture, y'know.

Welcome to Bad Bunny Comics. We create the comics we want to read, and we hope you’ll love them too.

As this post is being written, programmers (well… one guy really, but he’s worth two) and artists (okay, there really are two of them!) alike are working fingers to keyboards with a carrot dangling in front of them (held by our writer, some guy we found lurking in our dumpster), to get our very first comic app out of the door.

We're excited. So excited, we've even started up a Tumblr to get things rolling, and we've already started filling it with reblogs of some of our favourite artists and fandoms - maybe soon there'll be a couple of teasers of our work to come.


Oh no! We forgot about our sound guy when we mentioned our awesomely mediocre team. He’s the king of groove and has produced nifty soundtracks for the upcoming comics.

As we say whenever things go wrong, someone’s lunch gets mysteriously eaten or people get left out of our blog: Blame the bunny!