I bet you do!

Luckily for you, we want your opinion on things. We want your opinion on a lot of things!


A logo is a very important part of a company – it’s what people will think of when they hear our name. Where would McDonalds be without those iconic Golden Arches? Probably right where they are now, but be nowhere near as cool. Our problem is that everyone here at Bad Bunny have their own preferences when it comes to the logo for the our company. So after a long discussion we have decided that instead of having a Thunderdome-stye battle to the last man (or woman) standing,  our readers might want to have a chance at picking the logo. It will mean more input from you all, and we want to keep you happy, plus it will mean the bosses won’t have to deal with the worker’s compensation claims that eventuate from the logo battles. We’ll be hitting two birds with one stone, you might say.


We have 8 new logos to choose from, as well as the one we have up as a placeholder – it is a strong contender around the office, so we thought you guys might like it as well.


So check out the vote page and click on your favourite logo so we don’t have to start training for a showdown! Exercise isn’t really our strong point, so please vote over here!