YEAHHHH IT’S VAMP LAUNCH DAY. We hope you’re ready for some sweet undeady goodness…

Oh wait. Ummm…. April Fools.

You know how in Alice in Wonderland they have Unbirthdays? We thought this’d be our Unrelease Day. That way we still get a chance to celebrate, and there’s promise of more awesome celebrations later on when our dearest Scarlett awakens from her cosy tomb. Perhaps there’ll be some rustlings nearer to the call of the full moon….

(DUNs number? What the heck is a DUNs number?
Well whatever it is, it meant we couldn't submit to a certain fruit company...and we didn't want the robot to feel privileged so we're making him wait too.
I suppose it makes us DUNces for not finding out about DUNs, but now all is said and done there's not much point crying about spilt goblin goo, you can find out whoDUNit later.
So check back in a bit!)